A celebration of the School as we raise money for the School, its families, and its teachers.

Fundraising is a key component of any non-profit School. Rock Spring would not exist if we did not have so many dedicated families and staff who come together to support the School and create an incredible community.

Rather than do many little fundraising efforts throughout the year, our busy families and staff decided many years ago to concentrate all of their efforts into one big fundraising effort that kicks off in March and concludes in April. It has become a time of reflection and thankfulness for what we have created, and a time of celebration of the love and support that our families receive at the School.

The money we raise supports scholarships & reduced tuition for local families as well as our teachers who have young children, enhancements to the RSCC facility, and continuing education classes for our teachers. It’s important to the strength of our community that all of our families participate in some way.

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