Tuition & Fees

Effective September 2023 - August 2024

Infants & Mobile Babies (6 weeks to about 15 - 18 months)
1:3 Average Ratio
Toddlers (15 - 18 months to about 24 months)
1:3 Average Ratio
1:4 Average Ratio
1:7 Average Ratio
Fours (Pre-K)
1:9 Average Ratio
Fives (Pre-K Enrichment)
1:10 Average Ratio

September 2024 - August 2025 Rates Announced May 2024

*Tuition and fees are subject to change. The School attempts to provide notice at least three months in advance of such changes. Tuition rates typically adjust each September, usually about 5%.

Here is the link for our new tuition for school ear 202-2025. This goes into affect September 1st 2024:

As a nonprofit, our tuition is simply a reflection of what it costs to care for each child at the school.  However, in order to truly provide the best environment possible, our community of families and caregivers needs the active participation of our parents.  Parental participation is encouraged and expected in such activities as chaperoning field trips, participating in class parties, helping with our fundraisers and donating to the School, coordinating other social events, and/or contributing in any other way to meet the multiple needs of the school.

Enrollment Fees and Deposits

  • A deposit of one month’s tuition is required to hold a space when offered. If you accept a space and then elect to not enroll your child at RSCC for any reason, you would FORFEIT this deposit.
  • The deposit is held by the School and applied to the child’s last monthly statement provided parents provide written notice at least one calendar month prior to withdrawal and the child has been enrolled in the School for at least 2 months.
  • A non-refundable registration fee of $50 per child is required at the time of enrollment. This is credited from your waitlist fee if you paid one.

Tuition FAQs

What are tuition rates based on?

Tuition and fees are based on the type of classroom your child is in and change when children move from one class to the next. All tuition rates are monthly regardless of class days per month –there are no discounts or credits for holidays or absences.

What if my child starts or ends in the middle of a month?

When families start or end in the middle of the month, tuition is charged at the daily rate or at the full monthly rate, whichever is less.

How can I pay my tuition and when is it due?

Checks should be made payable to Rock Spring Children’s Center or simply to “RSCC”. Unless prior written arrangements are made, all fees must be received on or before the first day of each month. A late fee of $25 is imposed for payments not received by the fifth of the month, plus a $5 fee per day thereafter until balances are paid in full. A $35 fee is charged for each returned check. If tuition is not paid by the 10th day of the month, enrollment will be suspended until the tuition is paid. Continual late payments may result in immediate dismissal from the School and forfeiture of deposit.

What extracurriculars are included in the tuition?

The School provides weekly music and movement classes. By popular demand, we also have some outside services that come to the School and offer such extracurricular activities as ballet, soccer, JumpBunch, and other fun activities. Families interested in those activities for their children pay those companies directly to participate.

What food/drink is included in the tuition?

Parents are responsible for bringing lunch for their children and any special food or drinks that they may require (such as bottles for infants). The School provides breakfast, an afternoon snack (two for the toddlers), milk, and infant formula. For those who prefer, we have an arrangement with an outside food service to provide lunch each day for children in the toddler classes and up. The cost of the lunch service is $75 per month or $5 per day if you opt for certain days. There is an additional $6 charge for any day you do not bring a lunch for your child if you are not signed up for lunch.

What are the fees for late pick-up?

A cash fine of $10 for each 15 minutes or portion thereof is paid directly to the staff for late pick-up of a child. Continual late pickup will result in dismissal from the School. If you know you won’t be able to pick up by 6pm, extended care until 6:45PM is available on most days.

Do you offer extended care?

Yes – extended care until 6:45PM is available on most days at an additional charge of $100 per month or $10 per use. However, you must notify the School by 4pm if you plan to use this service. Extended care is not available on days where we close early, have staff meetings or school events at the end of the School day, and other days that will be announced in advance.

Does the School offer drop-in services?

The School offers drop in service, space permitting, at a daily rate for families who need short term care. The fees are $115 per day for preschoolers and $135 per day for infants and toddlers. Drop-in services must be reserved in advance and are only available when space allows.

Do you offer part-time options?

While we understand that families sometimes need part-time and temporary options, the School does not officially offer these options. When we are able to make exceptions to this policy, it will be under conditions that ensure that the spots are fully paid for each month. Families interested in this option should review the Part Time Agreement that they will have to fill out to engage in a part time arrangement. Note that part time options will not be available during COVID restrictions.

What are the payment polices during COVID-19?

Rock Spring Children’s Center is a nonprofit with limited resources. We tightly budget each year so that we basically break even. We are losing a significant amount of money each month operating during COVID-19 restrictions. In order for us to continue, parents need to pay tuition each month. As a result, in the event that the School must close for any period of time due to a public health emergency, no refunds will be issued for those periods when the School is closed. This may include, but will not necessary be limited to, instances when School is required to close in compliance with a federal, state or local government order, or when the School is required or advised to close to address a confirmed or suspected outbreak amongst staff or children. However, tuition for those periods when the school is closed may be credited as a donation to our nonprofit501(c)(3)School.