Rock Spring is founded on serving the needs of the local community.  Our teachers and administrators reflect this spirit.  While the vast majority of our efforts are focused on creating a great place for kids each day and serving the families who are part of our school community, we are also engaged in other aspects of the child care community and the community at large:

Organization of Child Care Directors

All of the members of Rock Spring’s Admin Team are members of the Organization of Child Care Directors (OCCD) and our Executive Director, Carrie Meyer, serves on the OCCD Board of Directors.  OCCD brings together the directors and key people of many of our County’s child care programs so that they can learn and support each other in creating great child care environments for the families of our County.  For more information, go to

Commission on Child Care

Shaun Rose, our School President, was appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council to serve as a commissioner on the Montgomery County Commission on Child Care from 2010 to 2016.  Shaun served as the Commission Chair from 2013-2014.  More information on the Commission and its primary issues can be found below.  You can also follow Shaun on Twitter @ShaunMRose where you will find updated links to articles and studies on these issues.